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Trusted El Mirage Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Contractors

el mirage plumber

Looking for El Mirage plumbers in the Arizona community? If you are we have huge news for you as Now Plumbing can help! If you are having problems with areas of your plumbing that demand professional repairs or installations, you can always depend on our plumbing company.

Scheduled maintenance can save you hundreds of dollar. Each year we spend more than we should on water usage as we leave the shower running to long, faucet leaks that are not tightened up and overusing the washer.

Plumbing problems only get worse over time. If you’re using too much then you need repairs or replacements. Paying out of pocket for these services will prevent these and other problems from ever happening again.

Living in a home with leaks or other plumbing problems should be all the reason to call our expert El Mirage plumbing technicians. We will stop leaks, make sure that your toilet flushed and educate you on the harmful effects of bad plumbing.

El Mirage Plumbing Repairs

At Now Plumbing, we are committed to providing secure workmanship, installing quality parts and providing top labor. Plumbing repairs are something that only our qualified and skilled plumbers should be doing. We can repair any plumbing component in the home including:

  • Hot water units
  • Drains
  • Showers

We do not just do repairs; we provide our customers with peace of mind because we want you to feel safe with the plumbing inside the home. Plumbing in El Mirage has come a long ways since outhouses and outdoor showers. Today plumbing has ventured into technology and new trends that bring it to a whole new level of excitement.

El Mirage Drain Cleaning

We have been clearing drains for what seems forever. We have done it so much that we can do it in our sleep. Schedule your drain cleaning today and find out how our non-abrasive method can resolve your drainage problems.

Kitchen and bathroom drains clog all of the time. Bathroom drains are due to hair build-up as kitchen clogs are due to foreign matter being dumped down them. Slow drains are an indication that you’re going to need professional hydro-jetting drain cleaning.

Our technicians can unclog your drains and schedule monthly, routine maintenance. Maintenance and yearly inspections are sure to keep your drains clear. Our method works and we want you to see the results. Call today and have clearer drains in no time.

If you are in the El Mirage area and in need of plumbing repairs, contact 480-294-6072. It’s the only number you will ever need. Contact us before your drains need replaced.

El Mirage, AZ

If you need professional plumbing services in El Mirage, then please give us a call at 480-294-6072 or fill out our online request form.