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Reliable Garbage Disposal Services

Phoenix garbage disposals

A garbage disposal is attached to your sink, where it grinds up simple organic matter and flushes it down the drain leaving you without any food waste to take care of.

Whether you need a garbage disposal for your Phoenix kitchen sink or your old garbage disposal unit is on the fritz, Now Plumbing can help you keep your garbage disposal in excllent condition at all times in Phoenix. The trucks of our plumbing company are fully stocked and we're always ready to help you ensure that your garbage disposal unit can be repaired or installed quickly and properly.

If you're having a problem with your garbage disposal, try the following troubleshooting tips below and see if that solves your problem. If not, you can always depend our expert plumbers for quality service. Call us today, and we'll be looking forward to assisting you.

Cleaning Your Garbage Disposal

Foul odors can occur from a buildup of food debris within the disposer. Before you contact our professionals, try these steps to eliminate odors:

  • Grind ice cubes and orange or lemon rinds in the disposer for about 30 seconds.
  • While the disposer is still running, pour a small amount of liquid dish detergent into it.
  • Rinse any remaining debris away by running cold water for about 30 seconds.

If this does not eliminate the odors, contact our plumbers, and we'll help you ensure that your garbage disposal in great condition.

Garbage Disposal Replacements

You may need to have your garbage disposal replaced if you notice these signs:

  • It frequently clogs
  • You have to reset your garbage disposal frequently
  • You can't get rid of odors
  • The blades are dull

Our plumbers will inspect your garbage disposal and determine whether or not repairs can be performed. Most of the time, however, these signs mean that you need to have the entire unit replaced. Our plumbing repair experts can help you select a new model of garbage disposal, and we can handle every aspect of the removal and installation.

If you're looking for garbage disposal services in Phoenix, Arizona, call Now Plumbing at 480-294-6072 or fill out our online request form.