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What Is Reverse Osmosis and Why Is It A Good Idea

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What Is Reverse Osmosis and Why Is It A Good Idea

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Reverse Osmosis in Phoenix, Arizona is a concept that sounds more complicated than it really is. Although it’s a scientific breakthrough, it’s a rather simple process that produces amazing results for water in your home. Simply put, reverse osmosis is a water filtering system that utilizes pressure to propel water through small pores in an effort purify your water. As the water passes through the pores, chemicals, bacteria, minerals, and harmful contaminants are captured leaving only 98% – 99% pure water on the other side. The result is healthier water that is safe to drink and more delicious.

What Reverse Osmosis Does For You

One of the greatest benefits of reverse osmosis is that removes lead making it extremely safe for consumption. High lead levels in water can results in numerous health problems such as high blood pressure, poor nervous system, and a weak immune system. Cancer patients can drink water that’s been treated using a reverse osmosis while they are undergoing cancer treatments due to it’s level of purity. There are other elements that are removed during the filtering process such as sodium, cryptosporidium (which is a parasite), and other harmful materials.

Delicious Water

Although no taste buds are the same, the research suggests that water treated through reverse osmosis gets overall higher marks for taste. It is remarkably more appealing than tap water and is easily comparable to bottled water or water that is purified using conventional methods. Reverse osmosis in Phoenix, Arizona removes lead, iron, nitrates, sulfur, and man-made that, otherwise, destroy water’s natural taste. When these substances are filtered out it restores drinking water to a fresher and cleaner state. Obviously, there are several things that factor into all the results, such as location and what chemicals are actually in the water.

Practical Uses for Reverse Osmosis

Other than drinking water there are several practical advantages for reverse osmosis filtration. For instance, if you appreciate having your dishes and clothing washed in pure water then reverse osmosis is for you. You’ll also feel the effects of pure water when you take a shower that is free of chemicals, pesticides, and contaminants. Reverse osmosis also returns water back to it’s soft state using natural methods instead of using water softener. The more you use it, the more you’ll discover all the benefits. Considering it’s low cost, it’s benefits, and all the advantages, reverse osmosis filtration is a smart choice for any Arizona homeowner. Do it right the natural way with a reverse osmosis system from your residential plumbing specialist at Now Plumbing.

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