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Plumbing Tips On Scale And Lime In Your Water

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Plumbing Tips On Scale And Lime In Your Water

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In order to understand why it’s important that Phoenix Homeowners have a water purification system added onto Plumbing systems for drinking water and why it’s important to have hot water heater tanks and dishwashers cleaned, you need to know a few facts about our water and how sediments in the water can affect our health.

In all water supplies that give us fresh water to our homes, sediments like lime exist. This is present in all water sources because it’s a naturally occurring element in the soil. Sediments like lime are a little heavier than water and will fall down to the bottom of a hot water heater tank, accumulating there. But more than that is collecting in your hot water heater tank.

While lime in itself isn’t a major health concern, what happens to the lime when it’s heated is. Lime turns into a substance called scale. Scale is a sticky substance that clings to everything. It not only accumulates with the sediments that build in the bottom of your hot water tank, it also coats all your dishes in the dishwasher.

Do you notice a chalky substance on your dishes after you run the dishwasher? Have you ever let your hot water run from the faucet, taken a sample in a glass, and let it sit? Do you see white matter floating around in it and settling in the bottom? This substance is scale coming from the hot water heater tank. Plus, if you use the dishwasher with no water softening or conditioning additives, you’ll have additional scale all over your dishes.

The potential health problems from this scale filled water that we commonly refer to as “hard water” are noted by many health officials as being controversial. But think about the following for a moment.

Limescale is made up of calcium and magnesium. These two minerals have a health impact on our bodies. Many understand that we all need these substances in our bodies to stay healthy. But what’s wrong here is the the amount that winds up in our daily water sources.

Take a look at photos of limescale problems on plumbing pipes and equipment and you’ll see a lot of scale, rust, and other buildup that’s just gross. Imagine your insides being coated with that day in and day out! It’s even extremely harmful for our equipment, causing a time buildup of rust and corrosion, even to tough materials!

You’re not going to like this next fact either. One of the major problems of limescale is it causes bacteria growth and all types of other unwanted micro-organisms to flourish! Limescale deposits provide these organisms with the perfect place to hide, hangout, and grow. All these substances spoil the water and make it highly unpleasant.

The good news is that you can get rid of the conditions that cause scale by installing a water purification system that softens the water, removing the lime and sediments before they have a chance to transform in the Phoenix water heater or dishwasher. You may say what’s the point if I’m not drinking from my hot water faucet? Remember all the buildup on your dishes?

Water softeners take care of the sedimentary deposits effectively, and since it’s mostly eliminated you’ll have better running equipment all throughout your home, cleaner pipes, and a healthier lifestyle.

If you or a family member hasn’t been feeling well or you’ve discovered you’re having digestion problems, you’ll want to consider having your water system checked out by one of our professional plumbing company here at Now Plumbing. We can run tests and check out your equipment and help you find the right solution for your home and family.

If you would like more information on Water Purification & Water Softeners to reduce scale for your Phoenix home, give us a call at (888) 860-3998 or fill out our online request form.