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Consider These 3 Common Causes When Your Sewer Line Backs Up

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Consider These 3 Common Causes When Your Sewer Line Backs Up

Phoenix Valley Backed Up Sewer LineWhen your sewer backs up, the first thing you'll likely wonder is just what is causing it to do that. Knowing the cause of your drain clog will help make the process of fixing that problem quicker and less expensive. So, if you're experiencing a backup with your Phoenix sewer line, consider one of these three common issues as the potential cause:


Perhaps the most common issue that could lead to a backup, a clog can be caused by a number of issues. You could be putting the wrong items down your drain: greasy foods, sanitary items, wet naps, etc. Or you could simply be putting too much of something down the drain at once. If you're guilty of these misues, it's a safe bet that a clog is the reason for your drainage issues.

Tree Roots

As your trees grow and their network of roots expand, those roots could make their way to your sewer lines. And then they could bust through your sewer lines and continue growing within them, creating a serious blockage. If your yard contains a significant number of trees, you might look to them as the possible reason for your Phoenix sewer line problems.

Sewer Line Damage

Even the sturdiest and best-maintained sewer line could experience damage over time. This damage might occur as your sewer line disintegrates. It might even occur because a vehicle rode over or parked on top of it. Whatever the cause, if you suspect sewer damage is responsible for your Phoenix plumbing issues, you'll need to gear up for a pretty major fix.

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