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Preventing Your Sewer Line from Clogging

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Preventing Your Sewer Line from Clogging

Sewer Line TV Video Inspection Phoenix

There’s a lot to know about your sewer. Although you don’t think much about it, your sewer is very vital to the home’s plumbing system. When it becomes clogged, it will become your worst nightmare. Finding a Phoenix plumbing company to get it unclogged takes time and patience while using store bought chemicals to fix the problem are only temporary. A sewer line TV video inspection will help keep your drains cleaned and your sewer from backing up.

A sewer backup can be a problem that is disheartening and vile. Waking up to find your bathroom flowing in raw sewage is enough to make anyone stressed. If you have experienced this before then you know how frustrating it was.

Two steps in dealing with sewer backups:

  • Deal with the issue quickly
  • Prevention

As soon as you notice the backup, immediately deal with the issue because your bathroom issue in Phoenix isn’t going to get any better. You don’t have to rush and call 9-1-1 but you can find lots of local plumbers online or in your city’s phone book. If the problem is a city sewer, the crew will be able to unblock the lines.

Prevention is the vital step in keeping your sewer from backing up. The easiest way to solve this problem is to keep yourself informed. Researching ways and methods of keeping your sewer clean will save you lots of money and time.

Here are some tips on keeping your drains from backing up:

  • Watch what you’re putting down them
  • Beware when planting new trees
  • Know where your sewer cleanout is located

You should never flush foreign objects down the drain. All too many times, homeowners ignore the fact that a drain will clog very easily once the following items are dumped down them:

  • Grease
  • Paper products
  • Hair

A new tree can be a nice addition to your property but it can turn out to be a headache too. Plant roots are a very common of pipe breaks that can be prevented by thinking the planting through more carefully because if that tree root gets into your lines, it’s going to cost more than the tree.

Some older properties do not have a cleanout. They are often required and the responsibility of the homeowner to make accessible. You may have to pay an additions fee for the cleanout to be located by your Phoenix plumber.

The local plumbers from Now Plumbing are great at keeping up with your sewer. A sewer line TV video inspection in Phoenix utilizes the latest in plumbing technologies in order to locate damages that you cannot see in your drains.

If you are looking for a Phoenix sewer video inspection service, give us a call at (888) 860-3998 or fill out our online request form.